Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Hot...

It's especially hot since we have no A/C. Again. This summer. I don't know how they managed back in the day without A/C.

I started cleaning house last night. Or as Jamie likes to call it, move my messes to another room. I broke down and started laughing so hard just looking at the mess.

I mean. Who does this? He said we were getting rid of the playpen. I don't even have a baby anymore. But I still have the playpen. I like to put stuff in it. Right now it holds junk I'm getting rid of. I really should be up cleaning now since I have to go to work tonight. But moving generates heat. And it's 80 in here now. I just looked. I want window units. At least when they break you can just go buy a new one that same day. The A/C man won't be here til tomorrow. Even the laptop is making my lap hot.

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