Wednesday, October 20, 2010


hmm... my links are broke, or i did something wrong. i'm working on it.

today was uneventful. i woke up to a 3 year old kissing my nose. so i kissed his. we went back to sleep. and woke up at ELEVEN o'clock! so we met Jen and baby Luke at hobby lobby. i've really got to stay away from that store.

i did find out hobby lobby does not sell purse handles anymore. that makes me sad since i have material to make more bags. guess i'll have to find them somewhere else.

i dug out all my craft stuff, but sat down to watch Modern Family. love love love!!!

i did figure out how to download brushes to ps cs3 last night. it took until about 2am.

i'm looking for a really good, but really easy lemon meringue recipe. any suggestions?

well i think i'll try and craft some. maybe i'll post some photos later.

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  1. missed modern family last night - dont tell me anything!