Wednesday, October 27, 2010

last week...

last week was my seven days off. you'd think i'd have posted more. i always have a long list of things i want to do and things that i need to do. and usually get about 30% accomplished. then i think, what did i do all week? oh yeah. i played catch up on chores.

i have decided that i have taken on too many crafts.
i like to crochet.
i like to scrapbook.
i'm trying to learn to sew.
i want to do embroidery.
i've got supplies to do jewelry.
my most favorite is crafting with my boys.

caidon got new paint brushes.

so he tried them out.

then he decided he wanted to glue and cut.

this was his outcome.

crafting is an exhausting activity.

i was super stoked. i love looking at things online. but i super love catalogs. i can circle things i want.

i wish i had been able to get all of the boys in this shot.

we are not a tiger family, but the tiger mascot was there. and jacob wanted his picture taken with mr. tiger, as he called him.
there was a sunflower field. i tried my hand at macro.

i'm totally in love with all things girly and flower-ery. one of my random crafts.

i turned this, into....

this! bracelets.

nate made this.

and this.
other than the cleaning i did, that's about it. hopefully my next 7 will be more eventful.


  1. Ummm - what about those tini's we drank - where's that pic?

  2. i know right. i never took any pic's of those.