Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just a Saturday...

This is how our day started. Nate's football playoffs.

The other team barely had enough players to play.

They forfeited with about 3 minutes to go because they had 3 players down.

Jamie and the boys stayed afterwards and watched the older team play. I took the babies home to eat and hopefully take a nap. I'm the only one that napped. I ran to Target and Kohl's. The 2 little ones are an odd size at the moment and it's hard finding jeans that fit them.

Super Happy that South Carolina beat #1 Alabama!!

I'm excited about our trip to the Apple Farm tomorrow.

We ordered pizza from Domino's tonight. Jamie thought we were dorks because we were watching the status of our pizza. When the delivery guy showed up one of the boys yelled out "it doesn't say delived yet!" and the pizza guy laughed that we were following him online.
After they ate, the boys played some Twister. Caidon thought he had to keep his leg in the air the whole time. In his "zebra" pants. Funny kid.

After looking at this picture, I noticed how dirty it is under my couch. Yuck.
I went to Ulta also today. I bought some of this. And some of this . So I'm off to shower and use my new good smelling products.

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