Thursday, November 18, 2010

could've, should've, would've...

that's nathyn's head if you were wondering.
it took a while to get it. but i did.
i had hoped to blog more this week.
i had hoped to do some crafting.
take more photos.
finish a book.
these are the books on my desk right now.

not counting my blogging for dummies, nikon for dummies, and ps classroom in a book.
i've got the holidays on my mind too.
i can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. i'm not even sure i'm going to cook.
Christmas is my favorite holiday. i'm thinking we are going to do a "home-made" Christmas this year. but that's a big job. i'll have to think on it.


  1. That silhouette turned out really well girl! Youre on your way to becoming a PS professional like me:P

    I am thinking some hand-made notecards (or at least some printed in the lab) might be in order. We need to design you something. How about those birds on your name? We could turn that into a notecard.

  2. that would be super awesome! i love the birds ya know! maybe we can get together over you're Christmas break and come up with something.