Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i'm slack...

very slack.

i told myself i would try to post more on my week off. i haven't. i haven't really done anything but make a mess out of my house. my version of "cleaning". i can't concentrate long enough.

i'm going to the dr. in the a.m. hopefully i can get some better meds. and since i'll be up, maybe i can finish my "cleaning". i promised nate a night of board games and popcorn. but only after my 'tini time with Hope.
my mouth hurts tonight. i went to the dentist today. Jamie said my gums were blue. he said i might feel better if i'd quit going to the dr/dentist on my week off every month. i thought that was funny. but that's what happens when you put things off for so long. they just get worse.

i want some tights. i bought a bluejean skirt while we were in pigeon forge. i wanna wear some tights with it. am i too old for that? i'm almost 33. but i don't really feel it. at least not in my heart.

some more photos from our trip. the Earthbound Trading Co. was the COOLEST store! i went into two of them. i loved all of their stuff. i bought two hats and two rings. i tried to find a website for them, but they don't sell stuff online. boo.

ps. the bears in the photo aren't real. haha. but we did see some real ones. i just didn't get close enough to take a photo.
pss. the real bears were in a cage or camp. whatever they call it.

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