Friday, December 17, 2010

ice day...

school was canceled because there was possible ice on the roads.
they had two days left before Christmas break.
we started the day out with blueberry muffins {caidon's favorite} and despicable me.
really cute movie.

i tried taking a photo of the tree, hoping it would turn out really cool.
i even tried to make a bokeh. as you can see that didn't work.
i'm gonna keep trying.
i usually try to decorate my tree *martha stewart* style.
but this year i let the boys do it all.
i'd like to have a tree that is all hand made decorations.
meg had her kids make these.
i want to make some too!

i was thinking Christmas traditions, and what ours was.
we don't really have one, other than the ornament with our names we buy every year.
caidon dropped last years, i've got to glue it back together.
but i'm thinking i'd like another family tradition.

and caidon worked on his *car* {dishwasher}

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