Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i've not blogged in foreva!
i think to myself every day that i need to write something.
but i never get around to it.
i've missed Christmas. Nathyn's birthday. Jacob's birthday.
even my last 7 days off.

it seems like there is always something going on, but we are never doing anything?
i clean. go to work. on my days off, it's time to clean again.
as always i have several things i want to do.
but never get them done.

i want to repaint the living room and kitchen.
but can't decide on a color.
i'm leaning towards grey.
i've got a big project in the works.
but it's a secret!
i've got to get started planning the "Best Summer Ever 2011".
i've got to start planning our beach vacation.
we've got some land clearing that needs to be done.
i want to plant a vegetable garden this year.
and that's not counting all the little projects i want to do also.
today though,
i need to clean.


  1. thanks for becoming a follower of my little blog! looking at your photos of your son putting together a puzzle made me think...maybe i could take an old puzzle and paint over it...now to thrift some old puzzles! oh and yes, working moms seem to have an endless listof things to do, don't we?

  2. I have the opposite problem - I think I spend too much time working, crafting and blogging and need to spend more time with DD (that's why I am here before she wakes. Easy for me to solve and it shall be so!
    I came here from the comment you left on Shimelle's starting point. The staring point is more about size, shape and placement of the papers rather than getting an exact match, so don't worry about matching them exactly. Go with what you have and a colour scheme that suits you.